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Andrews Island & Dodges Island

Stonington, CT

Last paddled 11/7/16

Andrews Island

Off the coast of Andrews and Dodges Islands.

CAUTION: The water was like glass and only interrupted by our kayaks during our most recent evening paddle around Andrews Island and Dodges Island; however, conditions can be rough at times. Paddlers should be aware of tide, boat wakes, and extended weather conditions that could affect paddling in this area and use equipment appropriate for paddling in open water.

Andrews Island and Dodges Island are located at the mouth of the Mystic river, south west of Latimer Point, east of Mason Island, and within Fishers Island Sound in Stonington, CT. Paddlers will find only a few homes on these islands; so, kayakers who paddle beyond the wildlife preserve and around Andrews Island and Dodges Island will experience a true connection with nature, including an inviting view of the Sound.

We were on the water for about four hours and could have easily spent more time if we had more daylight; but, trade daylight for that sunset–NEVER! Paddling in November, as we did, greatly decreased the number of boats that we would expect to encounter during the regular boating season. As far as birds go, we saw all the usual suspects; however, I did find a large Whelk Shell and other smaller shells of interest.

Paddlers who choose to paddle around Latimer Point and follow the coast line will quickly find themselves approaching Stonington River (Cove). Latimer Point is heavily populated; however, the river/cove is not.  Paddling around Latimer Point requires paddling in the open water of the Sound.

Late or early in the season, and within the right water and weather conditions, this can be a relaxing and interesting paddle. Add some wind and choppy conditions and paddling this area can become an arduous task; so, paddle with someone who has experience paddling these conditions if you do not.

Stonington Boat Launch:

Andrews and Dodges Islands

Sunset near Andrews Island.

This access point to the Sound, Mystic River, Dodges and Andrews Island, and Pequotsepos Cove is located at 1 Harry Austin Drive behind the YMCA in Stonington, CT. This launch can be used to paddle the area or as a take out for a down river paddle on the Mystic River; however, the Beebe Cove launch is further south on the opposite side of Mason Island.

Paddles should stay to the right when leaving this launch and eventually pass under the railroad bridge if they are looking to explore the moderately populated Pequotsepos Cove. Paddlers can paddle to the left, then under the bridge, past the wildlife preserve and then paddle around Andrews and Dodges Island. Please respect private property. Paddlers will see Mason Island and the smaller Enders Island attached by a bridge to Mason Island on their right as they paddle to Andrews and Dodges Island.

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