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Blue Green Algae:

Is The Water Safe For My Dog to…?


Lou Racine

AUTHOR: Dog Paddling With Tiny: A Guide To Kayaking With A Dog


I don’t want to frighten you away from freely paddling with your dog during late summer and fall; however, I would like to bring a caution to the forefront of your mind.


We encountered some on this lazy river last year (left upper portion of water).

Blue Green Algae blooms in late summer and fall and this type of algae is poisonous to dogs. Luckily for us, Blue Green Algae is clearly visible and easily distinguished from other algae which are not poisonous to our pets. In my area, we commonly refer to it as “pond scum.” Dogs who swim or drink from water containing this bacteria can receive the toxic effects of it and show signs of being poisoned. If your dog has been in water, or drinking water, with this algae in it, and is showing signs of poisoning, bring it to the vet immediately. Click here for a list of pet poison symptoms.

Blue Green Algae spreads across the water like a film (click link to see more photos). To help prevent the spread of this bacteria into other lakes and ponds, wash off your kayak, paddle, trailer, etc after leaving an infected pond and before entering another. The tiny particles which make up Blue-Green Algae can be easily transferred from one pond/lake to another.  This small task after paddling in infected water can save other waterways from becoming overrun with it.

Try to avoid exposing your dog to this algae.  However, if your dog has been in water that you think has Blue Algae in it, wipe the dog down with a towel and then wash the dog off when you get home so that the dog is not licking its coat and possibly ingesting it.  Dogs being dogs, they will drink from ponds, lakes, and rivers; however, when the opportunity presents itself, I offer Tiny water from my cooler rather than encourage drinking from waterways.

Learn to recognize blue-green algae and avoid exposing your dog to it.  Enjoy your summer!  Kayak with a dog!

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