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Ferry Point Marsh Wildlife Preserve

Connecticut River

Old Saybrook, CT

Last Paddled: 10/11/16

Ferry Point PreserveCAUTION: Ferry Point Marsh Wildlife Preserve is a flat water paddle in a tidal area; however, paddlers must paddle on the Connecticut River to access its main entrance.  This is not a place for beginners. Boat traffic, wakes, and tidal conditions that are present on this lower section of this river can be hazardous to inexperienced paddlers.

Ferry Point Marsh Wildlife Preserve is located opposite Calves Island and about 15 minutes up river from Baldwin Bridge on the Connecticut River in Old Saybrook, CT.  I paddled in the Ferry Point Wildlife Preserve during my most recent paddle on the Connecticut River.

I thought that the marsh was small and I could take a very quick peek at some wildlife and birds; so I was surprised that it took a little over an hour to paddled the entire marsh.  I saw the usual suspects–heron, swans, various ducks, gulls, cormorants, and a single Plover. For the most part, these birds behaved as if they didn’t care that I was there. Numerous birds were on a mud flat near the entrance to the preserve and feeding on crabs, including some blue crabs. The nests on the osprey towers indicate that this may be a nice place to easily view nesting osprey during the appropriate season.

I also enjoyed the schooling fish that swam along side and in front of  my kayak as I paddled the left fork towards Route 9. Upon my return, I encountered a much larger fish creating quite a ruckus while feeding on these smaller fish.

Ferry PointThose who have followed my writing, and especially those that know me well, know that I have a low tolerance for traffic noise. Unfortunately, I was never able to out paddle it here! The I-95 traffic noise lessens when paddling into the preserve and  to the right at the fork because that portion of the waterway extends away from the highway. The longer left turn takes paddlers back towards Route 9 and more traffic noise.  The straight narrow dredged waterways off the main waterways are not paddle-able.

There are  a few homes scattered around the outer edges of this preserve and a few docks along its shallow waterways; but, nothing that overly detracts from the view. However, I was shocked to round one corner and see a medium motor boat moored at one of the docks.

Ferry Point Baldwin Bridge Boat Launch

The Baldwin Bridge boat launch is about a 15 minute paddle from Ferry Point Marsh Preserve.

Paddling at high tide would provide best access to the shallow waters of this marsh. If you’re paddling in the area and looking to see wildlife and birds, I suggest Lord Cove over this one. Lord Cove is slightly to the north on the opposite side of the river.  This marsh might be worth a peek if  you’ve already paddled Lord Cove or you have time for both.

Baldwin Bridge Launch:

The Baldwin Bridge Launch is the closest launch and about 15 minutes south of the Ferry Point Wildlife Preserve.  This launch is located at 220 Ferry Road in Old Saybrook, CT.

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