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Joshua Creek Wildlife Preserve

Lyme, CT

Last Paddled: 6/20/17

Joshua Creek

Joshua Creek off the Connecticut River

Joshua Creek Land Trust and Wildlife Preserve is an often over-looked paddling opportunity along the Connecticut River.  Located river left and just south of Selden Island, it’s a nice easy kayaking experience for those river paddlers who are already in the area. The creek is an easy paddle; however, getting to it requires paddling on the CT River, and so, only experienced Connecticut River paddlers should venture there.

While I wouldn’t suggest making a special trip to see it, I do recommend this wildlife destination if paddling in the area.  We explored the creek and saw deer, swallows, king fishers, red-wing black birds, egrets, heron, hawks, osprey, sea gulls, and to our surprise, an Eastern Box Turtle.

Joshua Creek

Notice the sand bar like affect at mouth of Creek at low tide. (June 2017)

We were able to paddle the creek at low tide; however, this might not be possible during drier times of the year.  We maneuvered through winding deeper areas of a sand bar like situation at the mouth of Joshua Creek (See photo). This was the lowest point of consideration. So, I caution paddling this at the approach of low tide; paddlers might return to find they have to drag kayaks across sand to the river.

This narrow winding creek will take paddlers through grasses, wildflowers, and cattail lined shorelines with only a few houses along the way.  We unintentionally spooked deer resting near the shoreline at one turn in the creek and enjoyed the wild yellow and purple irises, Mountain Laurel, numerous birds, and the creek’s peaceful atmosphere.

Joshua Creek

Man-made falls at Lower Pond on Joshua Creek.

We paddled Joshua Creek to the man-made falls (See photo) at lower pond in about 20 minutes; so, one could reasonably expect to paddle this in about an hour without exploring.  At the base of the falls, we made our way up a short but steep path to lower pond and a view of the falls from the top (See photo). Lower Pond is very small and Upper Pond is only slightly bigger. During the return paddle, we explored some narrow water-ways that fizzled out shortly after embarking on the adventure.

Joshua Creek Boat Launch:

Chester Marina: 61 Railroad Ave, Chester, CT. Minimal fee to launch kayaks. Minimal fee to leave vehicle overnight. Highly recommend this launch site! Paddle across the river to the shore of Selden Island and continue to paddle south past the island/Selden Creek to the smaller Joshua Creek. Carefully watch for it just before the tower in that cove like area beyond the southern tip of Selden Island/Selden Creek.

Joshua Creek

Entrance to Joshua Creek

Other options:

Joshua Creek is located in Lyme CT and is accessed by the Connecticut River. The closest launch sites are Deep River and Chester Marina; both are opposite Selden Island. Ambitious paddlers could also paddle up river from one of the launches in Hamburg Cove which is also river left and just south of the creek.

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Kayaking Site Review: Joshua Creek
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