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Kayak Treasure Hunting


found necklace metal detecting

Necklace that I found using metal detecting method I will describe in this article. It wasn’t in the water long because it only had a little slim build up that was easily removed.

Many times, I see people who get involved in kayaking and they’re just lovin’ it; but, sooner or later, they reach their ceiling and it becomes boring.  This doesn’t have to happen, and changing things up doesn’t necessarily mean that the paddler has to up the anti, and shoot some rapids, in order to regain that thrill they once experienced.

DIY kayak

Sailing on a salt pond near the shore in CT

I do many different activities while kayaking. For example, I sail my kayak using my homemade sail (photo below); I very seldom ever paddle at the same location again in the same season; I collect lost lures, de-hook them, and hang them from a tree in my garden to form a unique wind chime that also reminds me of the places I’ve been; I paddle with our dog; I paddle to unique places like a local Island retreat and eat brunch with friends in the retreat’s flower garden; I love to go kayak river camping with friends; I offer to share these places with others, and in return, I  see these experiences from a new perspective; I plane spot from my kayak near airports (something I did with my Dad as a kid)… and most recently, I’ve been kayak treasure hunting utilizing some inexpensive metal detecting and magnet fishing equipment.

I wanted to try kayak metal detecting because I love history and thought kayak treasure hunting might help me uncover hints of the past; however, I wasn’t willing to invest $600.+ for a decent waterproof metal detector without first having tried it out. I also didn’t want to buy a cheap one and have to quickly upgrade to a more expensive one if I liked it. Sooooo, I did some research and put together something that I could try for $135.

Garrett metal detector pointer

The Garrett AT PRO water proof pointer kit came with the sifter and a carry bag. I also brought along a garden trowel and small spade.

I bought the Garrett AT PRO pointer which is a mini metal detecting device that is meant to pin-point objects that were found with a metal detector, but not yet uncovered (photo right).  It’s range is far less than an actual metal detector–about 2″ with a fully charged 9 volt battery and waterproof up to 10 feet; however, many items found in rivers are not buried too deep due to the current.  Many times they are caught between rocks, covered in light silt and leaves, or in pooling areas of the river.

kayak treasure hunting

Garrett AT PRO pointer in the homemade handle

I went to my spare parts plumbing supply box for a handle.  I used a length of PVC to which I attached a shorter section of PVC with electrical tape (photo right). The shorter section is the more flexible PVC connection that attaches to the bottom of a sink drain and the pointer fits snugly in it!  I had to trim the PVC holder and play around with the angle to which it was attached to the handle, and the electrical tape held it all together very well!  NOTE: I also attached my retractable leash to the pointer so that it could be easily retrieved if it did come out.

This was a fun and inexpensive experiment!  The first time out, I searched around an old railroad crossing and the newer bridge that replaced it and only found a lot of junk; but, I wasn’t discouraged because this experience proved my set-up would work!  Another trip, I found a ring; I was wearing gloves which caused me to drop it back into the water before getting a good look at it.  I plan to go back in the summer and recheck that area.

More recently, I moved further down river from the above locations and searched in the water along the railroad tracks and found the necklace in the first photo (above); it was buried beneath the water, leaves, and light silt and covered in a light slimy film–no rust!  My niece was thrilled to receive this found present!

kayak treasure hunting

I love my Kokatat Dry suit for kayak metal detecting and magnet fishing in cooler weather!

Sometimes, I go out with the specific intention to use this equipment, and other times, I have it with me and see a place that perks my interest. I’m going to continue to research metal detectors over the remainder of the winter and continue to take out my Garrett pointer and my fishing magnets  in the meantime.  I think I’m going to get the Garrett AT PRO metal detector in the spring!! HOO YA!

I would like to credit Beau Ouimette and his YouTube channel, Aquachigger, for my new interest in kayak metal detecting.  If you have an idea that you might be interested in this activity, I suggest you check out to his You Tube channel.  This is an interesting activity whether your interest is profit or just kayak treasure hunting to find bits of history!

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