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Moodus Reservoir

East Haddam, CT

Lou Racine,

author of “Kayak Eastern Connecticut”

Moodus Pond East Haddam CT

The view of the (old stone bridge foundation?) as I floated out from under the Bashan Road Bridge.

Date last paddled: 9/23/16

We took a very leisure 3 hour paddle and coffee break on the southern section of the Moodus Reservoir; but, did not investigate all the inlets and waterways (I intend to go back).

I did duck way down and hand walk my way under the Bashan Road bridge. The space under that bridge was narrow and gradually increased as I approached the other side. I couldn’t paddle very far after reaching the other side; however, I did see the remains of what might be the foundation of an old stone bridge adjacent to the current bridge (See above photo) and the Bashan Lake Dam towering high above in the distance beyond that.  CAUTION: I advise against passing under this bridge because it could be very dangerous under certain situations due to the Bashan Lake Dam being so close to this bridge.  If you choose to pass under this bridge do so at your own risk and discretion. 

Moodus Reservior

Moodus Reservior

The entire reservoir is 486 acres and divided into two sections by the East Haddam Colchester Turnpike.  In general, the larger southern section that we paddled was an easy paddle with pads and weeds along some of the outer edges and inlet areas. Some stumps below and near the surface need to be avoided in those outer areas; but, they did not hinder paddling those sections that we paddled.

Most of the houses in this southern section are located along the shoreline adjacent to the launch. Paddling straight out from this launch, paddlers will find the larger more private and less developed area. There are a couple of houses that sit back from the shoreline in this area; however, they are not  intrusive to the paddling experience.  We took some beautiful sunset photos (See above photo) and saw cormorants, wood ducks, heron, turtles, swallows, and a King Fisher during our paddle.

We paddled late in the season after Labor Day and encountered a half dozen small to medium motor boats on this section as well as three other paddlers.  During the traditional boating season, I would expect considerably more boat traffic.

Looking at Moodus Reservoir on a map, it looks a lot like the formation of a spilled can of paint with many finger-like extensions, a couple of islands, and small waterways leading to and from it; so, I’m sure that we will find other interesting things to investigate when we return.

Moodus Reservoir Boat Launches:

Moodus Reservoir Boat LaunchThe DEEP launch for this southern section of the Moodus Reservior is located near the junction of Shore Road and Launching Area Road just before Lake Side Dan’s in East Haddam, CT.  GPS: 18 Shore Road, East Haddam CT. The launch includes a dock with two cement ramps on either side. The shaded gravel parking area and seasonal chemical toilet is located on the opposite side of the road.

The more northern launch is located at 100 Mott Lane in East Haddam, CT. NOTE: I have not used this launch and cannot verify access and usability.

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  • Jen says:

    Lou, I hope you stopped for a bite at my brothers (Lakeside Dans)! If not, you should definitely come 9/30 for the final “Fried Dough Friday” of the season. We can tell you lots about the lake since our family has been coming to our cottage for 48 summers now! (P.S. my other brother, Timmy, RIP, convinced me to go under what we referred to as “The Tunnel of Doom” back in the day when I was a little less fearful!) Hope to share some stories some time! Jen…minisister

    • Lou says:

      Hi Jen, LOL Tunnel of Doom! Missed this message until now. Didn’t get out much during the later months of the year this past season. Pulled up the website today to add a new spring entry and saw your post. Look forward to meeting you at some point. We are planning to go back at some point this season to paddle the other half that we didn’t get to. I’ll drop you an email and let you know when and maybe we can get together at Lakeside Dans.

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