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  • July 1, 2015
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kayak dog

Tiny chilling on Beach Pond in Voluntown, CT!

Are you new to kayaking with a dog and would like more information? Are you already paddling with a dog; but, you’re not sure if you’re doing it safely? Do you have a dog that won’t stop whining or won’t sit still when in the kayak? Whatever concerns or questions you may have, we can help! Check out our helpful articles and Lou’s new book, DOG PADDLING WITH TINY: A Guide To Kayaking With A Dog ($6.72/print & $4.29 Kindle).  

We won’t dump you after you’ve bought the book!  Lou offers a 1 time paddle experience for you and your dog!  If you buy her book and you are available to paddle in N E CT during the 2015 season, she will paddle with you and your dog (1 time) weather and time permitting.  She also invites book buyers to email her with any additional questions.  Lou provides these additional services to those who buy her book, time and weather permitting.  It is her desire to help you safely get out on the water with your dog!  That is why her book is priced so that everyone can afford it!  This one time paddle with Lou offer expires September 30th (if time permits, it may be extended into the 2016 season).

dog on kayak at sunset

Tiny’s loves kayaking–even at night!

Check out these  5 STAR Amazon Customer Reviews for Lou’s guide to kayaking with a dog book:

Nancy writes, “Best ‘hanging out with your dog’ book EVER! Dog parks are ok, but a guide to spending time with your dog in this environment is simply amazing! Very down to earth and includes many helpful hints on kayaking in general and interacting with animals! The perfect combo! Displays an innate understanding of animals, dogs in particular…Looking forward to whatever comes next for this author – enjoyable reading and I have discovered a new hobby!”

Raine writes, “Well written book and a good read for anybody interested in kayaking! I have kayaked before and was doubtful about buying this book, but it was well worth it and enjoyable to read. Some books like this are blah, blah, blah and just pummel you with facts, this one mixes just the right amounts of facts and other things to make it enjoyable to read rather than a chore to read. Recommend this book to anyone whom is thinking of taking a pet kayaking, or even to anyone just planning on going kayaking without pets.”

For more 5 STAR customer reviews, visit Amazon.com.

Quinebaug River

Tiny on deck on the Quinebaug River, Canterbury, CT

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Five Mile River

Tiny on deck on the Five Mile River in Pineville, CT

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