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Tillinghast Pond

West Greenwich, RI

Lou Racine,

Author of “Kayak Eastern Connecticut”

Tillinghast Pond Management AreaLast paddled: 9/19/16

CAUTION: Hunting is permitted in the area around the pond during the appropriate season. Hikers should wear orange vests and bright hats and clothing during hunting season (check local requirements for hiking hunting areas during hunting season). I have not come across any regs that require paddlers to wear orange during the season; however, bright colored clothing or vests would be an added safety precaution. Please check your local regs.

Tillinghast Pond is a small pond located within the protected area of Tillinghast Pond Management Area; it’s shoreline, including little inlet areas, can be leisurely paddled in about 1 1/2 hours and it has at least one truly unique aspects about it.

If I were the one naming this pond, I would consider calling it Echo Pond because loud noises like our barking dog or the whoops and hollers from other paddlers resounded back off something beyond the back portion of this pond (we were in the back portion of the pond opposite the launch areas). The echos were very clear and distinct.

This pond is primarily used for bass and pickerel fishing; however, this secluded pond would also be good for an easy evening paddle after a long day for those paddlers who live in the area.  It is only 25 minutes from our home in Connecticut; so recently, we did just that.

Tillinghast Pond

Paddling with our dogs on Tillinghast Pond.

We took both dogs out for a very relaxing paddle on the pond and encounter two fishermen who thought it was humorous to keep our dog barking so as to echo the sound. We also saw geese, a beaver lodge, heron, turtles, and a large hawk or eagle like bird that flew from the trees near us; but, full view of the large bird was blocked by leaves and branches.  One of the two fishermen on the pond caught a keep-able bass in the grassy area near the back of the pond while we were there as well.

This is a nice relaxing place for an easy evening paddle for kayakers who live nearby and only have a couple of hours of free time. We bumped a few sticks and stumps just below the surface and paddled through lily pads in some outer areas; however, nothing that hinders paddling.

Click here to view information regarding hiking trails around the pond and throughout the management area.  Boat launch info below.

Tillinghast Pond Boat Launch

One of two launches located on Plain Road.

Tillinghast Pond Boat Launch:

The boat launch is located in the area of 53-ish Plain Road in West Greenwich, RI.  The pond can be clearly seen from the road and will be on the left when coming in from Route 14.  One of the two launches has a nicer slope to the water; however, the water is shallower at that launch (See photo).  The other launch has a step down to a rocky water’s edge; however, the water is deeper when paddling away from this launch. Parking could be an issue at this location because only a few vehicles  easily fit into the pull off area at these launches.

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