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Uncas Pond

Lyme, CT

Last visited: 10/17/16

Uncas Pond

View from the picnic area at Uncas Pond.

Uncas Pond is located along the southern edge of Nehantic State Forest, and for this reason, it offers the illusion of being away from it all. A few homes can be seen along the shoreline that is not located within the forest and there are no other unnatural distractions like traffic noise. Overall, the atmosphere is very peaceful.

Bass fishing is a popular activity at this location, and for this reason, the parking area at the launch was almost full during our recent October paddle. This almost 69 acre pond does not withhold any secrets from exploring recreational paddlers because it is a true sit-in-spin; what you see from the launch, is what you’ll continue to see while paddling around this pond.

Check out the picnic area! I have been to the public picnic area along the edge of this pond on two occasions and consider it to be this pond’s best asset after fishing.  Several picnic tables and a small grill on a stand are located within the beautiful view of the water and forest (See top photo). The natural sounds of birds, bugs, and wildlife help to create a very relaxing Zen- like experience early in the morning and late evening.  There are also outhouses near the entrance to this picnic area.

Uncas LakeThe fall colors were spectacular during our recent October paddle and lunch in the parks picnic area; however, the scenery around the pond is pretty much the same. We did see a large active beaver lodge, heron, and a few ducks. The inflow and outflow are not paddle-able.

Over all, the Nehantic State Forests offers trails, paddling two small ponds, and picnicking.  Recreational paddlers who are only interested in paddling might prefer exploring the much larger Hamburg Cove just 3 miles from this location. We paddled the lake, had lunch at the picnic area, and later explored Hamburg Cove during our most recent trip to Nehantic State Park.


The Uncas Pond boat launch is located off Keeny Road within the Nehantic State Park in Lyme, CT. For the most part, Keeny Road is a dirt road and the launch is closer to the junction of Hamburg and Keeny Road than it is to the other end of Keeny Road.  Watch for signs after entering the Nehantic State Forest on Keeny Road. The  launch will be on the right after entering from Hamburg Road and the picnic area is located further down on the right.

NOTE: Kayaks could be launched from the picnic area; however, the distance to the water is not favorable. Vehicles are blocked from driving through the area to the water, and so, paddlers must use a kayak dolly or carry kayaks to the water if using this as a point of access.

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